1442 – Athonias near Vatopedi

In three weeks we will visit Athos again. This time I will start from Ierissos and take a boat to Vatopediou or Pantocratoros. Unfortunately we could not make a reservation for a overnight stay at Skiti Prof. Eliou, because of a special feast and celebrations. The archondariki of monastery of Pantocratoros was closed due to renovations and a stay at Stavronikita was not possible because it was already fully booked on 23 September 2013 (just as Iviron by the way!).

So we had to ajust our plans and now we start our first day in Vatopedi, where I want have a closer look at the old Athonias.


Athonasias aerialAreal picture of the ruins of the old Athonias and its aquaduct. Within the old walls a new kellion.

Athonasias plan

Plan of the ruins

Athonasias drawing

Sketch of the facade

After a visit to Vatopedi I want to go to Skiti Agiou Demitriou. Does any of our readers have a good advice? Who can I expect to meet there and how many monks still live out there? Is a visit to the main church possible and what shall I do to make this happen? Can anyone help or introduce me to the monks?

In the meanwhile the monks of Chilandariou and Sofrafou gave us a positive respond on our request to give hospitality on 24/9 and 25/9. Now we have to contact Docheiariou, not a easy task because they don’t seem to have a fax.

Athos academieThe Athos academy from the Dölger-book 1942

Wim ,29/8

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