1443 – old and new Athos pictures

1926 4 IvironIviron 1926

IMG_8448Iviron 2011, witout the small house in the garden and the tower has a roof nowadays.

athanasius wellAthanasius well – 19??

04-10 Athanasius well 1Athansius well 4/10/2011

amalfi towerAmalfi tower – 19??

058 Athos - Amalfi toren

Amalfi tower – 1986, without the surrounding forrest. I wonder what is beneith this soil, if archeologists would have permission to dig?

karyesKaryes: in the left upper corner you see some buildings of Skiti Andreou, but without the main church! This means that this picture is taken before 1899!

Karyes 1Cuville 1918: with the church!

095 Athos - KaryesaKaryes – 1986

Lavra courtyardLavra – courtyard, with the new construction of the museum

237 Athos 2007 LavraLavra – 2007, with the treasury/museum. The small chapel on the left seems to be new, because it differs totally from the one on the old picture.

Wim, 3/9

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