1441 – Books: Visits to Monasteries in the Levant by Robert Curzon

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Here the part  of the book that covers his visit to the Athos monasteries. The print above is from the book and showes Pantocrateros. Robert Curzon, 14th Baron Zouche (16 March 1810-2 August 1873), was a notable Victorian English traveler, travel writer, and diplomat, active mainly in the Near East. He is perhaps best known as being responsible for the “purchase” of some of the most important early Bible manuscripts (such as this one) from Eastern Orthodox monasteries.
In his Visits to Monasteries in the Levant [1849], he described and justified his takings.     Schermafbeelding 2013-08-21 om 22.38.34Simonas Petras by Curzon


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