1340 – Skiti Agia Anna

First a image of the location of this Skiti, just below the Athos-mountain, so it is a perfect place to start or finish a climb to the top. For me a hike from Prodromou plus the top in 11 hours was just a bit to far!Ag. Anna(thanks to Google earth)05-10 Skiti Anni 2Soon after arriving, looking up to the church and towards the mountain.05-10 Skiti Anni 8New wooden structure, with the name of the skiti on it.05-10 Skiti Anni 16Oleander and basilicum: inside the courtyard of Skiti Annis.05-10 Skiti Anni 17View to the South, in the direction of Karoulia.05-10 Skiti Anni 10View to the North, towards Nea Skiti. The church on this picture was visited in by me in 1986.05-10 Skiti Anni 7First a cup of coffee and glass of water, together with Greek pilgrims (and Bas).05-10 Skiti Anni 3A clean and nicely decorated sleeping room in the old building, with a stunning view over the Mediterranian sea.05-10 Skiti Anni 4The entrance to the church.

05-10 Skiti Anni 9An icon of Ag. AnnaAg. Anna 2

The skiti in detail, with the zigzag path that comes over the avalange of 30 years ago.

Wim, 4/3

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