1339 – Reinhold Zwerger: a tribute to the artist

portret zwerger

Reinhold Zwerger 1924 – 2009

In blogs 1176 and 1119 I already payed attention to a remarkable person, mr Reinhold Zwerger. Most Athos pilgrims know him because of the excellent map he published in 1982, where all roads and paths were accurately recorded for the first time (order it here or here -NL). Many pilgrims owe him a lot, because by my own experience I know how difficult it sometimes is to find the right path and how often pilgrims got totally lost.

Because of the excellent quality of the Zwerger-map (originally a military map from 1960), many desperate pilgrims were saved and maneged to get to a monastery, before the gates closed at nightfall.


Dionysiou, the frontpage of his book “Wege am Athos”

Secondly, Mr Zwerger is responsible for the existence of ancient paths, who, without his endurance, would have been rapidly overgrown by the wild vegetation of Athos.

forest Simonospetras blue well

It is because of his efforts – with the help of many enthousiastic volunteers and monks -, that today we still have the possibility to wander over Athos foothpaths and enjoy the beauty of its nature.

Athos bei Karyes 1991 21 colors

Bei Karyes – 1991, in 21 colors, a real piece of art!

But it is not only because mr Zwerger was a great cartographer that we pay tribute to him, but he also wrote a magnificant book “Wege am Athos” (only in German!) and, last but not least, he made fabulous linocuts. I think these linocuts have been highly undervalued, because of the superb quality.

Dionysiou 1977 4 colors

Dionysiou 1977 – in 19 colors

He even teached many monks, of f.e. Simonospetras and Chilandariou, how to make linolcuts.

Chilandariou 1978

Chilandariou at night – 1978: a Rembrandt like image!

Chilandariou 1979

Chilandariou 1978

Simonospetras 1975

Simonospetras 1975

Simonospetras 1976

Simonospetras 1976

Simonospetras 1984

Simonospetras 1984

Docheiariou 1977

Docheiariou 1977

Kafsokalivia 1992

Kafsokalivia 1992

Zwerger Kampanis

Lavra 1975

Lavra 1975

Skiti Andreou 1975

Skiti Andreou 1975

Abbot Aimilianos Simonospetras

Abbot Aimilianos of Simonospetras

Every now and then we see examples of his teachings showing up, (have a look on the Keliotis-blog), and this linocut can be found the restaurant in Karyes:

Karyes restaurant okt 2011


Wim, 26/2

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