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2132 – An eagles nest high on a cliff, Simonos Petras

The most iconic monastery on Athos is, no doubt about it, Simonos Petras. Built as an eagles nest high on a cliff, more than three hundred meters above sea level. Byron compared it to the Potala in Lhasa (Tibet) which … Continue reading

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1756 – New map of Mount Athos

There is a new map Mount Athos available . Water-  and rip- proof and The first highly accurate map of Mt Athos as is it stated on the map. This last part is not true because the first accurate map of … Continue reading

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1630 – Reinhold Zwerger: the Artist

Reinhold Zwerger has been mentioned many times in this blog, mostly because of the excellend Athos map he made, that been helpfull to many pilgrims who like to walk the ‘monopati’. It is already 5 years ago that Reinhold died … Continue reading

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1543 – new website about Reinhold Zwerger

The best Athos map is made by Reinhold Zwerger, who died in 2009. His daughter Lisbeth made this website about his book and the map. Soon a page will added about Reinhold Zwerger as an artist. You can order book and map for … Continue reading

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1466 – Esfigmenou monastery

On our way from Ierissos to Vatopediou we passed Esfigmenou: Detail of the Zwerger map: the NE-coast of Athos with Agiou Vasiliou and Esfigmenou Arsanas Esfigmenou and the Antonios Petserski chapel A bit futher on we passed the Agiou Theodoros … Continue reading

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1339 – Reinhold Zwerger: a tribute to the artist

Reinhold Zwerger 1924 – 2009 In blogs 1176 and 1119 I already payed attention to a remarkable person, mr Reinhold Zwerger. Most Athos pilgrims know him because of the excellent map he published in 1982, where all roads and paths were accurately recorded … Continue reading

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1218 – Athos and the Second World War

Athos: Easter 1941 In blog no. 1119 and 1176  I reviewed the book “Wege am Athos” from Reinhold Zwerger. A chapter about the 2nd World War (page 237 and further) is of special interest, because we can show you some … Continue reading

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1119 – Book: Wege am Athos by Reinhold Zwerger: "removing a cross and cross one’s legs"

Recently I received a book in German, written by the maker of the famous Athos map, Reinhold Zwerger from Austria (1924-2009). In previous posts we paid attention to this Athos-expert (see 378 and 954), who visited Athos in 1956 for the first time, … Continue reading

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378 – Reinhold Zwerger

Rheinhold Zwerger, born in 1924, visited the holy Mountain for the first time in 1956. He was always on his way and stayed sometimes a month or so on the holy mountain. He also made drawing, paintings and made “Linolschnitts” … Continue reading

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