1277 – Panaghia chapel near Iviron

008 Iviron Panaghia chapel

In the last post I showed pictures from this small chapel near Iviron. This picture gives you an impression how the situation looks now (photo thanks to Jitze).

How different the situation was in 1997! Our reader Hans Overduin send us these three pictures, where you can see a small house and a grave of Ieromonachos Maximos Ivrities, born in 1904, who was burried there and probably lived in the small buildings at that spot. None of these buildings remain in 2011! That his grave disappeard seems to be logical, because graves on Mount Athos are cleared after a couple of years.

Images made by Hans Overduin in 1997 (thanks for sharing the photos!).

Wim, 8/3

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