1276 – the path from Koutloumousiou to Iviron

Koutloumousiou - Iviron 03-10-2011After our short visit to Koutloumousiou we started walking to Iviron. With the help of a GPS-App I could trace the route that we walked and show it here on Google maps. The distance was 4,86 kilometers and it took us 1 h. 07 m (max altitude 432 m). I doubt if it was the fastest route, but who cares, it was beautiful all the way.

Here is how Zwerger drew this path:

Koutloumousiou en Iviron03-10 11 authem leaveMaple tree (Acer) leaf on the path to Iviron (thanks Zarko)

03-10 12 overgrown brigdeThe path passes the brook a couple of times: this bridge is almost covered with moss and leaves and it fits in natural way in its surroundings.

03-10 13 Skiti KoutloumousiouBehind the thick vegetation Skiti Koutloumousiou shows up.

03-10 14 brook towards IvironA small brook flows towards Iviron, picture taken from a brigde

03-10 15 brook other sideOn the same bridge, view on the other side, towards Koutloumousiou. The path was in good condition.

03-10 16 Panaghia chapel near the Monastery IVIRON

Not far from Iviron monastery the Panaghia chapel is to be found.

03-10 17 Panaghia chapel near the Monastery IVIRON

Panaghia chapel in detail

03-10 18 the end of the path near IvironThe path crosses a dirth road, not far from Iviron

03-10 19 IvironAnd then, in all its splendor, the mighty monastery of Iviron showes up.

03-10 20 houses surrounding IvironSurrounding houses in the backyard of Iviron

03-10 21 Iviron vinesThe old road leading to the gate of Iviron, with a wooden frame probably meant for vines.

Wim, 6/3 (updated 25/3/15)

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