1259 – catching up blog: Athos pilgrims 2011

Finally all our pictures, starting from August 2006, did return on our weblog, so it is time to do some catching up. Today I will start with copying all our posts from athosweblog.wordpress.com and closing down this weblog once and for all.

In the following days we will busy tagging all our 1550 posts or so with categories again, because they seem to be disppeared. But we are happy that our work of the last years did show up again and our rich photo archive of Athos did return.

Wim Voogd sitting, Herman Voogd with red cap and 6 friends from Holland, who stayed on Athos from October 3-5th 2011

Wim, 23/1

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  1. piens francesco says:

    enig idee hoe de winters op de berg athos zijn
    zijn de wandeldagen niet te kort en wordt je buitengesloten na 1600uur?

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