1258 – magazine Paris Match from 1961: Le mont Athos, le Tibet de l'occident

Last week I bought this French magazine from April 8th 1961 (nr 626), with an article about Athos, written by Jean Maquet and photos by Pierre Vals (for an older article from 1959 in a Dutch magazine see blog 664 – at the moment still without photos).

First page

Vatopedi courtyard

Probably monastery Vatopediou

Vatopediou – monk and semantron

Monk in his cell

Hermit in his cell

Detail of the previous photo: next to an empty bottle of wine a box with “condensed milk prepared in Holland”!

Three young monks

Katholikon Dionysiou – “the monastery was almost deserted”, says the writer in 1961

Hermit at the “desert”

Inside a katholikon

Portrait of a monk


and above you can see the text of the article (in French).

Wim, 15/1


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