1049 – Vatopediou film in 8 episodes and one of the top in winter

Eight episodes of a film about Vatopediou in Greek.

nr 1: 3:24′: introduction/general view surroundings plus monastery

nr 2: 1:15′: a boring episode

nr 3: 2:01′: inside the Katholicon/icons

nr 4: 5:04′, with fisherman (1:25′) and gardning/making of olive-oil (2:35′)

nr 5: 5:17′: Katholicon/singing/frescos/Pascha

nr 6: 1:49′: with rare images of Skiti Agiou Dimitriou and the nature surrounding Vatopediou

nr 7: :1:33′: library (0:33′)

nr 8: 1:33′: Vatopediou in winter

And a bonus film found by Vasilis from the top in the winter. It must have been quite a climb in the cold and that much snow!
Wim, 3/5

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