1050 – Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1869) Researches in the Highlands of Turkey


The book tells the story of his traveling in Turkey in the summers of 1853, 1861 and 1865. He also brings a visit to the Holy Mountain. Four chapters of his book deal with Athos. The author is a very enthusiastic narrator. He gives lively descriptions of the visit and the conversations with the monks. He travels with mules from Monastery to Monastery.
He is convinced of the natural beauty of the peninsula. He even gives descriptions of the plants and trees. The book is still very accessible to the modern reader. He is quite critical about the monks level of education. He writes: `In fact, the great proportion of the caloyers are of the class of peasants and artisans, and are wholly uneducated and ignorant. `


He describes what he experiences with humor and a certain distance.

The motivation of a Russian monk not to stay in Russia but to go to Athos is very funny indeed.

An interesting aspect is the ascent to the top of the mountain during the festival of the Transfiguration (6th of august). In the night he walks up and he is eyewitness of the festival on the top, where 60 monks celebrate.
There are two beautiful etchings in the book. One of Iviron and one of Simonos Petras.

Bas Kamps

Tozer (1869) Researces in the Highlands of Turkey

At the end of the book I found this map of Nothern Greece/Chalkidiki:

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11 Responses to 1050 – Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1869) Researches in the Highlands of Turkey

  1. unknown says:

    Kxf6nnte es sich um das Josapheon in der Skiti Kafsokalyvia handeln? Heute und auch vor 20 Jahren sah es anders aus. Doch das Bild scheint mir sehr alt.

  2. Vasxedlis says:

    Because of the Greek text it has to be as suggested before and I don’t think it is the same building as on the Katounákia-picture.

  3. Rainer Ludwig says:

    Bild 1: Kellion Josapheon in Kavsokalyvia ( Quelle Boissonnas, Athos 1928-1930, S. 177)
    Bild 2: Kellion Daniileon in Katounakia
    Bild 3: Kavsokalyvia

  4. Angel says:

    This is Preobrazhenie monastery /Holy Transfiguration monastery / near the town Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria.This is very valuable and interesting photo, because it is before the big earthquake in 1913 year….the monastery is a part from Tarnovo Holy Mountain, consisting more of 20 monasteryes in 14-th cen. and that ‘s the reason about the inscription says “Greetings from Holy Mountain” … 🙂
    If you need I have one more picture from 1905 of this monastery ,and I can send it you by mail, if you contact me 🙂
    Great blog …
    Greetings from Bulgaria and God Bless You !

  5. Vasxedlis says:

    Above the mentioned Greek text on the picture You may even read the word ??????????? (studio, workshop, atelier). The next Greek word is unreadable for me on the picture

  6. Giannis says:

    ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????

  7. Vasxedlis says:

    Of course, Gianni, ?????????!

  8. herman says:

    Very interesting to read the Athos part of this book.

  9. Marula says:

    Thank you for this preview… Very interesting book!

  10. Dimitris says:

    As far as I know this book was originally published in two volumes. Can you please tell me if the Athos part is in the first or second volume? It is an expensive book as a whole, but individual volumes can be found for a couple of hundred euros.

  11. baskamps says:

    Dear Dimitris, as I found out, the Athos part is in the first volume. You can check it by clicking on the link under the blogpost. In the index you will see it is in the first book (about Athos: chapter III – VI).

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