1048 – The marble white church of Kerasia

This picture of the construction of a white marble churche on the slopes (700 meter) of the mountain near Kerasia we showed earlier. The work on this building is still in progress. The work goes very slowly because all the materials have to be moved by mules. There are no roads. They are building alraedy for 10 years and there are 8 years more to go according to the Dutch website Athosvrienden. Here you see a picture of the situation in 2009 by mr. van der Lecq. (Click on the link Athos in de Actualiteit, then scroll down). He asked the workers for more details but nobody would tell the background story of this remote mysterious church. Who knows more?

Vasilis showed us these images from July 2009: is there a difference after two months?




kerasia 2011 by van der lecq

2010 Foto by mr. van der Lecq

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    1466 – New foto (2010) of the marble church near Kerasia

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