1026 – Cell of St. Cosma(s)

In the previous posts (1024,1025) by fellow traveller Bas Kamps he discribes a hermitage close to Sografou monastery. I found an image taken from the path of the cave by an unknown photographer. The cell was once inhabited by St. Cosma(s). (Thanks to Graham Speake)
Cosmas was of a noble family from Bulgaria. When his parents wanted him to marry, Cosmas fled to Mount Athos. He was a hermit and miracle-worker. He labored ascetically in a cave near the Monastery of Zographou. The Holy Theotokos appeared to him on more than one occasion. He is known as the greatest ascetic and miracle-worker of Zographou. The formidable cell in which Cosmas labored in silence and struggled with demons exists even today to the northwest of the Monastery of Zographou. With spiritual sight and clairvoyance, he described events in distant times and places. He died in old age, on September 22, 1323, after a life of much labor.

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