1025 – A secret peek into a deserted hermit cave part two

On the way from Chilandariou to Sografou, not too far from Sografou, on the three forked road is a red wooden cross.
Pilgrim Jaap in the second cave, in with a bed could be projected.
The interior of the hermitage with bench, Thonet chair and dustpan and brush.Dsc_0122
The cupboard in the hermits cave.
The cove on the entrance of the hermitage.
Pilgrim Jaap descending the staircase.

Photos by Bas Kamps

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  1. Dimitris says:

    The Docheiariou crane has ruined oh so many photos of mine the last few years. I have been wondering why they still keep it standing as it is currently not in use. From closer inspection I noticed that it is not a mobile crane, but a build-in one, and probably the biggest in Athos. to be removed it needs to be taken apart, and obviously by skilled personel and not by the monks. I don’t see that happening soon unless Docheiariou enters a new phase of restoration works.

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