966 – 2009 Trip to Athos: the reservoir near Paleo Monastiro day 1 – 9

The reservoir on Google Earth, with Palio Monastiro and Panteleimon on the background.IMG_3166 Dam from the reservoir
As you can see on the route we walked, shown in post 956, we made a detour to have look at one of few lakes on Athos. I did not know that it was an artificial lake, so when you walked trough a small riverbed I was really surprized to bump into this massive stone wall.IMG_3165 gate in the dam
In the wall we found this niche with a plastic pipe for fresh water, leading towards Panteleimon (?)IMG_3173 the dam
After climbing up, we saw the massive dam from above, with the niche on the lower right site (in the middle)IMG_3168 dam reservoir and forrest
Another picture of the 3 meters (?) wide dam with the reservoirIMG_3167 Reservoir and forrest
The reservoir with the vast forrest of Athos on the backgroundIMG_3171 reservoir the inhabitants
The inhabitants – a frog family

IMG_3172 reservoir from another view
The reservoir from a different angle: after a long summer the water level is low

Next time we will take a closer look at Paleo Monastiro.

Wim, 6/1

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  1. George says:

    Our thoughts and prayers with the family of the deceased and the other victims….

  2. Armando Santarelli says:

    Dear Herman and Wim, my name is Armando Santarelli, I am italian, and, like you, I love Agion Oros, where I have been 5 times. My pilgrimages in Athos have been crowned, in autumn 2009, with the publication of a book, “La montagna di Dio”, where I reflected my spiritual experiences. The main reason why I am writing to you is to give you my compliments for the interesting, extraordinary blog you have created. It’s absolutely the best about Mount Athos, you give the people an incredible supply of news. All those who love Mount Athos must thank you very much indeed. Please, I would like to exchange some ideas with you, and give you some information, please contact me.
    Greetings from Italy,
    Armando Santarelli.
    tel. 0774 798741 (home in Italy)

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