965 – the waste of Athos

On the 25th of December this article was published in a Greek blog from Salonicanews. I took over the highlights and translated the Greek text with the help of Google translate.

“Waste” on the beach of Mylopotamos

Landfill off the Monasteries of Mount Athos by B. PANAGIOTIDOU

Mountains of garbage accumulated daily in ravines and forests in the otherwise magnificent Mount Athos. The main attraction for many believers of Orthodoxy is in recent years about to drown in the garbage, because there are no garbage trucks to transport them to landfill. (…). The garbage (…) is a source of infection for all. Moreover, there is higher risk causing a fire and vegetation on Mount Athos is booming. The problem with the collection and disposal of garbage has worsened in recent years (…). Due to the massive arrival of pilgrims there have been landfills created in ravines and woods near monasteries, to serve the needs of each monastery. Also the maintenance and rebuilding, which are continuously in recent years, are causing a volume and “useless” material (debris), requiring disposal. As the Protepistatis the Holy Community of Mount Athos monk Simeon Dionysiatis states: “Never before has the need for new garbage trucks for the collection of garbage from remote monasteries been so high. The Protepistatis also noted that “he has already requested to buy new garbage trucks, (…)”. There is an indication that there will be no solution to the problem in 2010. Currently a collection of waste takes only place in Karyes and Dafni. The waste collected in the Dafni area is kept in large containers and then transported by boat to Ouranoupoli and Thessaloniki.
Wim, 5/1

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  1. Vasilis says:

    A traffic accident has occurred on Agion Oros this afternoon, reports Romfea.gr: http://www.romfea.gr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2972 Unfortunedly one person was killed, 18 wounded according the first information. The group of pelgrims was on his way from the arsanás to the monastery of Agíou Pávlou. The cause of the accident is not yet clear.

  2. Dimitris says:

    Just a small correction. I read in Yannis’s blog that there will be a solution within 2010. The trucks have been ordered and are expected within the year. However in my opinion this is not enough. Travelers need to be more environmentally conscious.. Sometimes I see garbage in remote footpaths (usually soft-drinks or food-wrappings) which were obviously thrown by otherwise “nature-loving” tourists. But the biggest culprits are the restoration-labourers which will throw almost anything by the roadsides.. Usually beer cans..

    Whenever I go to Athos and use a footpath, I always carry an empty bin-bag with me to collect any rubbish I come across that could be potentially a fire-hazard.

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