1790 – Edward Lear’s visit in 1856

Edward Lear is an artist who we encountered a few times on this blog. He visited Mount Athos in september 1856 and made then some 50 drawings of the monasteries and landscapes of the highest quality. Researcher Stephen Duckworth is a specialist on Lear and will talk about Lear’s stay on Athos in november 2016 during the Autumn lecture organized for the Friends. But he is still researching and looking out for drawings and new documentation such as the exact location, the date, past owners of the drawings. Duckworths website shows his findings on Lear’s drawings of Crete.
Please react if you know more about the Athos drawings. Here are the ones that can be found on the internet:
Schermafbeelding 2016-02-10 om 16.14.28
Lear already sailed along the mountain in 1839 when he was on the boat from Saloniki to Kavala.
Lear A Distant View of Mt. Athos
A distant view on the mountain (29th august) probably drawn on Sithonia.
lear docheiariou 1856
Docheiariou 1856. Exact date unknown. Here a photo from 1980 from almost the same position.
Lear Near Pantokratora          Lear Stavronikita
Near Pantocratoros (2 sept) and view on Stavronikita.
Lear filotheou
Filotheou, 3rd september 1856.
Lear 3 sept 1856
I think this is Filotheou too because it is also the 3rd of september.
Lear Karakalou         Lear Karakalou 4 sept 1856
Karakalou in the direction of the sea and to the mountain. (4 sept)
Lear lavra
Lavra, 6th sept
Lavra harbour with Thassos in the distance          Lear Lavra mandraki
Arsanas Lavra, named Mandraki. Here on a short film I made.
On the left drawing the island of Thassos in the distance. Date: 8th sept.
Lear The monastery of St Paul
Paulou with the river in front who is recently canalized.
Lear simonos petras                              Lear karyes
Simonos Petras (11 sept) and Karyes (12 sept).
Lear Konstamonitou private collection
Konstamonitou (16 sept) from a private collection.
Lear sografou
Lear zografou
Sografou 17 sept
Lear Chilandariou
LearAthos from near Niacoro (Neochorio)          Lear Athos from above Iscoro
Near Niacoro (Neochori) and from above Iscoro both dated 21 september 1856.

Herman Voogd

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  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Beautiful pictures and wonderful times for the traveller!.

  2. Gerald says:

    Do you know Harvard Uni’s site for Lear?


    A Blog of Bosh | Edward Lear and Nonsense Literature nonsenselit.wordpress.com Would you believe this is a characterization of Edward Lear? Miller, Sam. A Strange Kind of Paradise: India Through Foreign Eyes. London: Vintage Books, 2014.

    I’m sure they would like to post this….


  3. Gerry Brisch says:

    have you copied this great post to Marco Graziosi at the Edward Lear blog ‘blog of bosh’
    you should do – he would be very interested i’m sure.

    Gerry Brisch

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