922 – Facebook group: Allow women to….

Women against the avaton.

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  1. Fresco says:

    Just a technical note 🙂

    In it’s essence, fresco or fresco painting is an – application of natural mineral pigments to a surface on which a following chemical reaction takes place:

    Ca(OH)2(s) + CO2(g) x97-> CaCO3(s) + H2O(l)

    Calcium Hydrate (burned lime stone or marble mií with water) combined with carbon dioxide resulting in the formation of Calcium Carbonate – lime stone, marble. The pigment gets trapped within the newly formed calcite crystal. It is like “Painting with molten Marble”.

  2. Geo says:

    Very interesting, thank you.

  3. George says:

    One of the problems we have in Greece is that there are way too many left-wing liberals. Remember the December riots? These people in the facebook group are your typical atheist liberal douche that dislike the fact that Greece is still a fairly christian and traditional country.. They dislike Mount Athos for what it represents. Even if the avaton was ever abolished they wouldn’t even bother going there.. What they dream of is a multicultural atheist consumer society stripped of any sense of identity.. Morons…

  4. Bertinos says:

    It’s quite unlikely that the avaton will be abandoned soon.
    The Meteora Monasteries were once organised just like Mount Athos. In order to “restrict temptations”, this area too was forbidden for women, and “beardless boys” until about 1960. The abolition of the avaton at the Meteora led to the restoration of 2 monasteries by nuns, but also to a massive influx of tourists, which makes monastic life very difficult. This was the main reason for the present community of Simonopetra to run off to Mount Athos!

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