923 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Roussikon day 1 – 4

Panteleimonos plattegrond
Here a new plan of Ag. Panteleimonos, with the path between 1a and 2 and with the new building Z.

IMG_3119 Roussikon door to a lost balcony
A door to a fountain/watertap on a ruined balcony: left side of horizontal building V: picture taken at spot X – 27/10/2009

IMG_3120 Roussikon building V corridor
Roussikon: horizontal building V: corridor

IMG_3122 Roussikon builing Z
Inside building Z
Building Z is new to me and not found on the plan from the Feigl book, so I added this building. The place is filled rubbish and its original purpuse is not known.

IMG_3123 Roussikon vertical building V
The large vertical building V: picture taken inside the building, near the passage, not far from X-2. The building has an inner space/courtyard, so the plan is not realy accurate. We went through a passage throughund the building and ended up in the courtyard (see the new plan above).

IMG_3124 Roussikon building V near U
Picture taken between building V and church U (X-2), towards building W: a large building were the workers used to live.
Most of the floors came down and the area is not really save, especially on a day when a strong wind blows, like the 27th of oktober 2009, when we visited this place.

IMG_3125 Roussikon Church U
Church U: a well kept building

Wim, 22/11

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