921 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Roussikon day 1 – 3

The monastery of Agios Panteleimonos or Roussikon was the first place we visited.

IMG_3110 Roussikon aankomst
Pilgrims waiting for the boat to arrive at the quay of Roussikon – 27/5/2009

IMG_3111 Roussikon aankomst boot
The Agios Panteleimon boat – 27/5/2009

Plan of the monastery

IMG_3112 Roussikon kolommen
This picture is shot at number 1a of the plan: two (classical?) marble columns with Corinthian capitals, topped with bronze crosses

Nowadays there is a path between 1a and the building at nr 2 – photo thanks to Jitze

IMG_3113 Roussikon portaal
The roof of the portal with the doctor Ag. Panteleimos holding a medical instrument and a box, the Panaghia, and saints and kings

IMG_3114 Roussikon
The newly painted monastery, with the double church on the top floor (D and E)

Near the double church: view from above – thanks to Jitze

IMG_3115 Roussikon door to Katholikon
The door the katholikon (3), a throne and images of Jezus and Panteleimon

IMG_3116 Roussikon inside Katholikon
Seldom seen interiour of the katholikon of Roussikon (unsharp picture, but nevertheless posted)

Overview of the courtyard / Katholikon of Roussikon – photo by Jitze

IMG_3118 Roussikon door
The heavy doors that protect the monastery

This ends a visit inside the monastery walls. The guys that did not see monastery before,went to see the churches, Herman and I went outside to see the ruins. Follow this blog to see the pictures of these ruins!

Wim, 20/11

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  1. Vasilis says:

    Giannis has visited these days some kelliá. He publishes on his blog very nice pictures, see: http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/ .
    He also has a nice story about monks and a little deer (blog nr 280)
    P.S. Giannis’ blog about his last visit begins at nr 276. On 279 you may see the interiors of shops in Karyes and Dafni (for the exterior see nr 26).

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