377 – View from different locations

From Lavra by Yiorgos Poupis, 1997
From Kapsala between Sk. Andreou and Ars. Kutlumusiou by Matthias Kutter, 1997
From Kelli Ag. Dimitriou, above Simonos Petras at 700 m. by Theodosios of Simonopetra, monk, 2003.
Karyes from the Simonopetra konaki by Th. of Simonopetra, 2001.
From Simonos Petras by Th. of Simonopetra, 2001.
From Morfonu by Th. of Simonopetra.
At Morfonu we started our 2007 Athos tour. We walked the dirtroad from here to Lavra. The next day from Lavra to Kavsokalivia. The last day from Kavsokalivia to the summit and from there to Pavlou.
All foto’s from this site.


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4 Responses to 377 – View from different locations

  1. ronald fierst says:

    Is their a possibility to obtain the book
    The treasures of Mount Athos? Number 268 on your website?
    I have the book in Greek, but this is difficult to read for me.
    Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards,
    Ronald Fierst

  2. herman says:

    I never saw the catalogue of the exhibition on the internet(Ebay,Amazon,antique bookshops) for sale. In Ouranopolis in 2007 they only had the greek version. The english version is a real collectors item.

  3. Vasilis says:

    It seems as you may buy it at De Griekse Wereld: http://www.grieksewereld.nl/N_frame.html?http://www.grieksewereld.nl/N_home.html
    Choose:1. Boeken 2. Kunst en Architectuur

  4. Hxe9lxe8ne says:

    Sur Gallica mot clef ATHOS on trouve très bon article sur la fameuse Carte de Ptolémée, dans une revue ancienne . Je posterai ici les réferences exactes de l’article lorsque je les aurait retrouvées !

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