378 – Reinhold Zwerger

Rheinhold Zwerger, born in 1924, visited the holy Mountain for the first time in 1956. He was always on his way and stayed sometimes a month or so on the holy mountain. He also made drawing, paintings and made “Linolschnitts” in english linocuts (in dutch linoleumsnedes).
For pilgrims and people who love Athos he is very important because he made (in 15 years) his famous Athos map 1:50.000 1982. Without it many people on the peninsula would still be lost. There is no other map with so many detailed footpaths and roads and , very impotant for orientation, altitude lines (hoogtelijnen!).
He made diaries during his visits which he transformed into a book in German called ” Wege am Athos”. About his adventures and about the changes he saw from 1956 to 2005 on the holy mountain.
You can order his book here.

 Docheiariou 1977Zwerger detail SW Athos

hv – with many thanks to Vasilis.

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8 Responses to 378 – Reinhold Zwerger

  1. Wim says:

    Could it be a member of a Royal family ?

  2. art101 says:

    I am not sure if you know that Mr. Zwerger died in ,as far as I know, September this year(2009)in Vienna.

  3. Wim says:

    What a sad news that this important person for Athos passed away. His map helped me and thousands of pilgrims find our way on (sometimes) the difficult paths of the Holy Mountain. We owe him a lot… May he rest in peace. Wim. 17/12

  4. hope to read this important information before we go in april for Eastern. Like to learn all about Athos….. Agio Oros. We do paaliative care in France: pilgrimswork I can tell you!

  5. Bertinos says:

    Do you happen to know David Den Boer?

  6. herman says:

    Bertinos, nee kennen geen David den Boer. Hoezo?

  7. Bertinos says:

    Dat is een “Athosganger” die een tijd palliatieve zorg heeft gedaan in Parijs. Voor het overige vind je op deze webblog genoeg info over formaliteiten om naar de H.Berg te gaan.
    Opgelet: in de Grote Week is het extra druk, en vanaf maandag begint de Grote Vasten, dus wacht niet te lang om de reis te regelen!!

  8. Herbert Weichel, D 70567 Stuttgart, Salzäckerstr. 136 says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    wiederholt rief ich in letzter Zeit Ihre Website auf. Ich finde sie sehr interessant und vielseitig.
    Sie berichten über den bekannten Athoskenner Reinhold Zwerger, Wien, geboren 27.05.1924, verstorben 21.09.2009.
    Ich kannte ihn sehr gut und habe mich viel mit ihm in Wien über seine vielen Athosreisen unterhalten. Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie unter http://www.wege-am-athos.at. Sein Buch und die legendäre Athoskarte versende ich in Deutschland und darüberhinaus.
    Nehmen Sie bitte mit mir Kontakt auf. Vielen Dank.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß
    Herbert Weichel

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