199 – Sografou in 1980 and 1997

Here some pictures from my visit to Sografou in 1980 and 1997. At that time I still used my old Olympus reflex camera and I took only 36 pictures (one film!). What a difference it is 27/10 years later, when I shot nearly 400 pictures with my digital camera.

Sografou katholicon – 1980

The kitchen of Sografou – 1980

Lunch with monk Ioachim – 1980

Sografou – monk with semantron – 1980

Sografou – 1997

The kitchen in Sografou was still traditional:

I remember there where only a couple of monks left in 1997 and a lot of the cells of the monks were deserted, like the one above.

Wim 25/9 (updated 25/5/2021)

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