2012 – Windows

The most beautiful windows on Athos are those who are in a bad condition. Such as here in Skite Andreou. With natural plants on the windowsill.The torn curtains behind this window in Andreou create a spooky atmosphere. 
But it can be worse. This window is in one of the ruined workmen houses a little below  Sografou.These are the windows of the church of the Russian settlement of Chromitsa near the border.This window with the rusted frame is from a abandoned house uphill Lavra.This is already a dated picture because this Pantaleimonos building in since 2016 completely renovated. Roof, walls, glass everything is as new.Two windows of a, almost ruined,  chapel next to Sografou.The colored church wall of Gregoriou with the Panagia in mosaicThe beautiful colours of Marouda.

Herman Voogd

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