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2165 – The world famous architect, Le Corbusier (1887–1965) travelled to Mount Athos in 1911 and experienced the happiest days of his life. Or: how the Holy Mountain influenced his work.

Le Corbusier became one of the world’s most renowned architects of the twentieth century. The importance of his visit to the Holy Mountain is not very common knowledge. He visited Mount Athos only once. But it made a lasting impression … Continue reading

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2012 – Windows

The most beautiful windows on Athos are those who are in a bad condition. Such as here in Skite Andreou. With natural plants on the windowsill.The torn curtains behind this window in Andreou create a spooky atmosphere.  But it can … Continue reading

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2011 – Doors

There are different types of doors to admire on the Holy Mountain. The important monastery main gate doors such as this one from Konstamonitou monastery who will be closed after the sun is set. A small rusted door at Koutloumousiou. … Continue reading

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1011 – Article on Athos architecture and drawings by P.J. Quinn – 2

Today I will show you the drawings and plans Quinn made of the monasteries I.M. Dionysiou and Docheiariou. The article and drawings are from 1960. 3. Dionysiou: site plan 18. Dionysiou: site plan (rough sketch) 8. Dionysiou: Katholicon plan 19. … Continue reading

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1009 – Article on Athos architecture and drawings by P.J. Quinn – 1

In blog nr 606 my brother Herman already mentioned the article by Quinn. He showed you four of his most beautifull drawings. In totally he made 48 drawings and plans, all of them very acurate and with a lot of … Continue reading

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