2011 – Doors

There are different types of doors to admire on the Holy Mountain. The important monastery main gate doors such as this one from Konstamonitou monastery who will be closed after the sun is set.
A small rusted door at Koutloumousiou.
An old iron door in one of the small streets of Karyes.
A door in Esfigmenou.This wooden door leads to the backyard of the bakery in Karyes.The church doors of Paleo Monastir0 (old Rossikon) in 2011 before the renovations.Painters such as the famous Spyros Papaloukas were inspired by the doors of Mount Athos. This is the maingate of Simonas Petras. With on the right, the so called, Red Balcony.  Recently this entrance was completely changed. Much to my regret.

Herman Voogd

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  1. theodosios says:

    Gonna send You some Doors & Windows from my Archive

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