1997 – a tragic and fatal accident on the Holy Mountain

Our reader Konstantinos Prigkipakis let us know in a comment that on May 1st shortly after 11 o’clock, a tragic accident happened on Athos. The 62-year old anesthetist George Karantinos from Heraklion Crete fell from a cliff in an inaccessible area on the monopati between Simonos Petras and Grigoriou. In a walking party of 3 he lost his balance and fell from a height of 8 meters, resulting in fatal injuries.

His friends immediately called for the authorities, but the injury of the unfortunate anesthetist ware too serious and he passed away minutes later. A tragic irony is the fact that a few days ago the doctor “lost” his mother.Photograph from the point where the unfortunate anesthetist was found (source).

What a sad news, this should not happen on a pilgrimage to our beloved Holy place. My condolences.

Wim Voogd, 2/5/18

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