1998 – Pastoral scenes in Néa Skiti

Olive trees on terraces that lead to Agiou Georgiou as seen from the monopati between Skiti Agiou Anna and Néa Skiti, which was the final destination of the day. The church seems to pop out of the mountain.An overview of the shattered houses of Néa Skiti. It is a complex of 33 buildings separated from the sea by a steep ridge. The paths are mostly stairs. It is not accessible for cars. Mules deliver the goods from the arsanas (harbour).The ancient olive tree in front of the kyriakón.The sunset from the churchyard looking towards Sithonia peninsula.A pastoral scene just behind the kyriakón. An old Thonet chair and big jar. The rest looks very new; the woodwork of the stairs, the masonry and the yellow grout.Another detail of the restored walls.A typical street in Néa Skiti. Walls, streets and gates make it a stone world. Cypresses, grapes and ferns on the walls give green accents.Two ‘trains of mules’ met at the harbour. They carried heavy stones in the plastic boxes on their flanks. Material for more building and renovation activities to come.

Bas Kamps

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2 Responses to 1998 – Pastoral scenes in Néa Skiti

  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Beautiful Photographs Bas!

  2. Sean says:

    Possibly an old large olive oil jar in that photograph. My mom has one close to five feet tall. They use to keep them in the cool cellars to store the year’s crop of olive oil…

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