1975 – a Flight over Athos, the movie

In post 1937 I already showed you the pictures I took during our Cessna flight on May 6th 2017. During that flight I had two cameras in both my hands: one for taking pictures and in the other hand I had a camera to film the complete flight over Athos. It took from the border near Ouranopolis to the end, near Cape Arapis, a little more than 30 minutes. It was quite a bumpy and enervating flight (with 2 camera’s), so don’t expect professional shots. But I do have to say that it was a fabulous experience. So, if you ever have time (and some money) to book this flight, I would say: “do it”.

The movieThe crew

Our pilot Georgeos was a very friendly person, who knew a lot about the Holy Mountain (being member of the harbour police stationed at Vatopedi/Ierissós). It is very easy to make an appointment with the Thessaloniki Aeroclub. We flew immediately after arriving the international airport.Our pilot Georgeos

Wim Voogd, 12/1


Post Scriptum: I know it has nothing to do with Athos, but I am big fan of Dakota planes. This beauty stands alone at Thessaloniki airport, waiting for somebody to care about ….Who helps her from this deplorable state?

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