1744 – arsanas Sografou

In 2013 we hiked from Sografou to the harbour/arsanas of the monastery. It is a 45 minutes walk, mainly over dirt road. Just before reaching the arsanas you can take a path, the last remnants of the original monopati.Arsanas Sografou Google maps2 DSCN2721 (Large)the spot where the monopati beginsDSCN2722 (Large)Soon after you’ll the first glimps of the arsanas, here you see a garden with a glasshouse, an old wind mill and a house.DSCN2723 (Large)And a little later the tower and the church show upDSCN2724 (Large)Old houses just before you reach the tower, still in use.DSCN2725 (Large)The tower with a staircase leading to a house with a bellDSCN2726 (Large)The house behind the tower: look at the round muller on the left, probably a part from the old wind millDSCN2727 (Large)The front side of the tower, with an old fashioned telephone pole on the left. The house in front of the tower is the boat house.DSCN2728 (Large)A complete view of the arsanas008 Athos Arsanas Sografou009 Athos Arsanas SografouThe same spot in 1986 – photo Wim Voogdimage2Arsanas Sografou seen from the air (photo Mylonas)DSCN2729 (Large)Left of the tower: renovated houses.DSCN2730 (Large)A sign leads the way to XenofontosDSCN2731 (Large)DSCN2738 (Large)The tower and the church (which was closed)DSCN2733 (Large)Behind the wall: an old Volkswagen bus and rubishDSCN2734 (Large)In the house next to the wind mill: an old monk hangs his laundry to dryDSCN2732 (Large)Behind this house: a large shed with building materials and strawDSCN2735 (Large)The monk at work: he did not want to be disturbedDSCN2739 (Large)DSCN2740 (Large)The wind mil and the large shed behind itDSCN2741 (Large)DSCN2742 (Large)The old pyrgos of Xirokastrou, belonging to KonstamonitouDSCN2743 (Large)Looking back at arsanas Sografou from the present arsanas of Konstamonitou

Wim, 5/9

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