1743 – the Silouan mill (2)

In my first post about these buildings (1742) we had a look at the first building on the ground floor. Today we examine the three higher floors. But first let me show a picture of the all buildings, found on isihazm.ru, date unknown.  Roussikon - mill of St SliouanThe skull of Saint Silouan is venerated as a relic in the Panteleimonos monastery. relic head st silouanClimb the stone stairs to reach the second building

DSCN2923 (Large)On the second building hangs a large balcony on the outside wall: going there would not be a good idea!DSCN2926 (Large)DSCN2924 (Large)The interior of building two: again a large wheel with cogwheels. I did not try to climb the stairs to the second floor!DSCN2927 (Large)Between building two and three: here the balconies disappeared totally.DSCN2928 (Large)Building threeDSCN2930 (Large)One floor higher: looking down at building threeDSCN2929 (Large)Building three: the interiorDSCN2931 (Large)Looking down: building three and twoDSCN2932 (Large)The east side of building three: here the water wheels were attached to the wallsDSCN2933 (Large)Between building three and four: this part is well kept and the door was locked.DSCN2934 (Large)Broken windows in building fourDSCN2935 (Large)Building four: the water wheel is still intactDSCN2936 (Large)DSCN2937 (Large)Building four: west sideDSCN2938 (Large)Millstones for grinding grain (also the painting in the previous post – image 5)DSCN2939 (Large)The balconies of building four at the west sideDSCN2941 (Large)The door of building four, also locked. A large brass sieve(?) on the foreground.DSCN2945 (Large)Building four seen from aboveDSCN2944 (Large)Building four with its water wheel on the leftDSCN2943 (Large)The water wheel of building four in detailDSCN2942 (Large)A water reservoir above building fourDSCN2946 (Large)Next to the reservoir: a ruined house. This (fifth) house is found on the black and white picture in the previous post (image four)DSCN2947 (Large)In the bushes: a wall of the ruined buildingDSCN2948 (Large)Just above the water reservoir leads the paved road towards Paleo MonastirionDSCN2949 (Large)Looking down to the West: the iron bridge near Panteleimonosgoogle maps SilouanThe same area, screenshot Google Earth. The water reservoir is to be seen above the four buildings as dark square.

Wim, 3/9

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    Fascinating pictures of the times changing! The Athos seems inexhaustible,as your entries show time and again, mr Wim Voogd. Many thanks.

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