1724 – pictures of Karakalou

SAM_1004We did not plan to stay in Karakalou during our 2014 trip to Athos, but because of a change of plans we ended up returning to this beautifull monastery. At first the Greek archondaris was not very pleased to see us coming without a reservation, but with the help of the Dutch Karakalou monk Pachomios things worked out fine and we got a lovely room. That afternoon I visited the deserted kelli of Onoufriou (see 1672 ..).DSCN5232 (Large)DSCN5235 (Large)Pachomios working in the garden 4/9/2014 (look at his pocket: here he keeps a Greek-Dutch dictonary, to translate from Greek in Dutch if neccesary).IMG_2378 (Large)IMG_2380 (Large)The Karakalou trapeza, before breakfast . The room is not decorated, but there are some large icons on the wall and at the end, under the absis where the abbot sits, there is a (new) fresco of the Last Supper. Here the 12 disciples – including Judas – do not have aureole’s.

IMG_2384 (Large)SAM_1013Early morning: sunset over KarakalouSAM_1010On your right, next to the gardens, is the graveyard and ossuary of KarakalouIMG_2386 (Large)The graveyardIMG_2398 (Large)The chapel in the graveyard: below the chapel you canfind the ossuary, with the first morning light shining inSAM_1017SAM_1021SAM_1022SAM_1023The skulls of Karakalou monks (pictures by Jitze Bakker)IMG_2405 (Large)A fragment of a fresco lies on the pavement……SAM_1026In front of the chapel, with a bench made in my year of birth, 1957.SAM_1000The wall beside the graveyard: two large cypress trees: in the background the recently build chapel on the other side of the valleySAM_1007The new chapelSAM_1008The phiale, looking to the south towards the mountainSAM_1005The mountain covered in cloudsSAM_1002Arsanas KarakalouSAM_1031The bell tower, with the large bronze bell from the nearby Timiou Stavrou kelli

SAM_0995The courtyard/guesthouse, with the typical Karakalou architectureIMG_2410 (Large)Large pottery in a dark passage near the winecellarIMG_2382 (Large)Inside the monastery on a wall: an inscription in stone from 1707

Wim Voogd, 25/5 (more Karakalou pictures? have a look here)

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  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Beautiful series of photographs, especially those in early morning! A pity only that the monks deem it necessary to build ugly new churches.

  2. Thanks for posting…nice photographs…

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