1718 – Monopatia

mono 1Many footpaths (monopatia) are unfortunately replaced by dirt roads. But there are still many to choose from.  The photo’s are from 2009 till 2015.mon 0 vatopNear Vatopedi in the direction of Esfigmenou. One of the nicest examples of a footpath on the Athonite peninsula.
mono 2 near pante mono 3 near iviron
Crossing bridges such as here near Panteleimonos and between Iviron and Karyes.
mono5 mono 6 ars lavra
Near Lavra. From Lavra to the harbour of the monastery the old path suddenly ends because  of a dirt road. The end of the path is reinforced with concrete apparently to avoid that the stones will shift or will be washed away by rain water.
mono 7 17 mono greg dion mono4
Monopatia in summer and winter.
mono 15 chil sogr
On the path Chilandariou – Sografou the thick vegetation forms a sort of tunnel.
mono 10 mount mono 11 mount down
Walking up and down the mountain.
mono 12 anna mono 13 kaliagra
Path crossing the stone avalanche near skite Anna and a path near Kaliagra.
mono 14 kaliagra
Coming from the tower of Kaliagra (in the background) the path reaches the beach as we are walking in the direction of Stavronikita.
mono 16 sogr
Near Sografou.
The Friends of Mount Athos have very useful chart of many different Mount Athos walking routes. For the real monopatia aficionado there is this video: more then one hour the footpath beginning at arsanas Simonas Petras ending at Dionysiou.

Herman Voogd

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