1719 – more Athos maps

DSCN6102 (Large)Today I bought this Athos map made by Lectus.gr. It is published in 2006 therefore it is not a new map, but still it is interesting, because the map is accompanied by a small book of 47 pages, with a detailed description of 40 trails. DSCN6100 (Large)The makers promises you the most detailed informative map Athos, which it is actually not the case, as you can see yourself: but the map and especially the booklet might be a helpfull resource when you are walking on Athos, where sometimes every help is welcome to find your way.


I will take the opportunity to show some other maps I found the last months:map file_1397An old Russian map, date unknown

map greek 3 1980

map greek 2 1980        map greek 1 1980A Greek map from 1980

map Athos 1909A military map from 1909

IMG_8982And a map of Athos in Greek with all classical places and cities on it.

NB. Post 1219 with another (old) detailed map is updated with high resolution pictures.

Wim Voogd, 9/5

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