1717 – Photo album from the nineteen seventies

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Photo’s from the album of Dutch writer Gerard Koolschijn who went to Athos several times in the 1970ties together with his friends under the inspiring leadership of their highschool teacher Herman Hissink.
k mylopotamos
In front of the winery of Mylopotamos with the cloudless mountain. Transportation by sea with small sailing boats with motor. k boot
Or even smaller rowing boats. Here the same scene in color. This is in 1974 somewhere between Lavra and Iviron, taking the boat to Iviron. k onbekendSchermafbeelding 2015-05-05 om 11.36.38 Arsanas: could it be the monastery of Xenofontos? Compared with this recent picture I would say, Yes. Count the windows in the stone wall. k
The cafe in Karyes in 1971 with portraits of the king Constantine and wife. k pant Posing for the camera of Herman Hissink with Gerard Koolschijn second on the right leaning on his younger brother. In the background Pantaleimonos. k pant
The courtyard of Pantaleimonos with  a view on the main entrance in ruins (nowadays fully renovated). The damaged building could be the result of a fire in 1968 that devastated large parts of the monastery. The bell tower on the right and the katholicon on the left. k monopatiThe group walked the monopoati…. k 1600 …. and climbed the mountain. This is above Panaghia at appr. 1700 meters. Herman Voogd

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