1637 – book: Atlas of Athos – Paul M. Mylonas Volume one, part one

DSCN5241 (Large)In post 381 and 1445 we published about The Atlas of Athos, written by Greek author Paul M. Mylonas contains two volumes and is written in Greek, German, English ans Russian.

Here is a picture of Volume one, part one, that was published in 2000 and that I own. Originally there also was a part two planned (a pictorial dictionary of the twenty sovereign monasteries) and a volume two part one and two (an atlas of the twelve skities and of the other monastic institutions),  but this entire work of four books was never published.

The first book or fascicule (on the picture left) is a textbook about the topography and historical architecture.

The second book (in the middle) contains illustrations with a photographic documentation of the landscapes and the monasteries.

The third fascicule contains 31 maps, plans and plates of Athos and  the twenty monasteries. Here is a picture of the contents (a special request of Vassilis):



Wim, 26/10

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