1638 – skiti Profitou Eliou

In 2007 we visited the skete for the first time (see 159) and in those days it was not possible for a non-orthodox pilgrim to sleep there. But recently we heared that the conditions did change and this summer we could make a reservation for an overnight sleep (call 0030 23770 23304). The only restriction is that you can make a reservation for maximum two persons.

DSCN4919 (Large)Skiti Profitou Eliou September 1st 2014

DSCN4973We were welcomed by the friendly monk/archondaris Filemon, who we first met 7 years ago in 2007. “It is 2 years ago that we first met, isn’t it Jeltsin,” he asked in his humorous way of speaking. After the glas of tsipourou we were asked to find a room ourselves, but first we could visit the church, also by opening it ourselves .On this visit he did not oppose to be photographed, see picture above: Filemon and Jeltsin/Jitze.

DSCN4921 (Large)The key to the main church and opening the door

DSCN4922 (Large)

DSCN4923 (Large)The interior, Russian style

DSCN4931 (Large)

DSCN4925 (Large)The iconostasis with 2000 kg of gold

DSCN4924 (Large)The wonderworking icon of Panaghia with offerings

DSCN4926 (Large)          DSCN4927 (Large)Two cases with relics of different holy men

DSCN4929 (Large)Icon of Christ Pantocrator

DSCN4933 (Large)The well in the courtyard, the place were tsiporou or coffee is served

DSCN4932 (Large)The church, build in 1900

DSCN4939 (Large)The Southern side of the courtyard

DSCN4936 (Large)

DSCN4935 (Large)The Northern side: under the balcony on the right there is an entrance to a smaller church, where the monks do their dayly services

DSCN4947 (Large)The smaller church in the North wing of the main building

DSCN4946 (Large)Icons in the small church, with one very fine of the panaghia and child Jezus

DSCN4949 (Large)Dinner after church: an icon outside the trapeza

DSCN4950 (Large)Dinner: artichoke, carrots, patatoes in olive oil: bread, olives and salad

DSCN4945 (Large)Leaving the skete to the archondariki/guesthouse

DSCN4944 (Large)Above the main gate

DSCN4941 (Large)The church and clocktower, seen from outside the skete

DSCN4942 (Large)the faccade of the skete, left to the entrance

DSCN4943 (Large)Opposite of this building, the guesthouse.

DSCN4937 (Large)The view towards the sea and Pantocratoros, with old artefacts of the skete scattered around.

Wim, 29/10


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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Beautiful church interior and iconostasis. Very Nice photo essay!!!

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