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2156 – Grigoriou monastery and its trapeza

On October 2nd 2019 we walked from Dionysiou to Grigoriou, a relatively short hike of 3 km’s, that took us 1 hour and 20 minutes walking time, but the steep climbs and the vicious descents made it a tough trip. … Continue reading

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2138 – a close look at Agiou Paulou monastery – 3

While the world is hit hard by the invisible and sometimes deadly Corona virus and while we are all waiting in our lockdown to go back to normal live again, a few signs of hope immerge. In most countries the … Continue reading

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1637 – book: Atlas of Athos – Paul M. Mylonas Volume one, part one

In post 381 and 1445 we published about The Atlas of Athos, written by Greek author Paul M. Mylonas contains two volumes and is written in Greek, German, English ans Russian. Here is a picture of Volume one, part one, that … Continue reading

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1557 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery – 2

Let’s continue our walk around the monastery, starting at E (part 1 is here): This picture was taken from the new pier, with the old one in front af the monastery and the sea side entrance on he left, which we … Continue reading

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1555 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery -1

Today I will take you on a photographic tour around the monastery. Let’s start at A, the winery. This map shows the surroundings as it was a few decades ago, without the winery en vineyard buildings (A and C) and without … Continue reading

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