1630 – Reinhold Zwerger: the Artist

Reinhold Zwerger has been mentioned many times in this blog, mostly because of the excellend Athos map he made, that been helpfull to many pilgrims who like to walk the ‘monopati’. Dionysiou 1977 4 colors zwerger docheiariou It is already 5 years ago that Reinhold died and his daugther Lisbeth Zwerger still maintains his website, where you also can buy his map and book. Reinhold Zwerger also was an extraordinary artist and was well known on Athos, not only because of his fine gouaches, but especially because of his linocuts. With simple lines and colors he was able to show how beautiful monasteries and buildings of the Holy Mountain are. Luckily we can see his art now, have a look here. Karyes restaurant okt 2011

He also teached monks on some monastries how to make linocuts, this is an example of one hanging the restaurant in Karyes. Wim, 29/9

Update 1/6/2020:

This linocut is not made by Zwerger but is from Markos Kampanis, a Greek artist, who is inspired by Athos.

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