1629 – the forgotten kelli of Agiou Onoufriou: part 3

In this post  I will share the remaining pictures I shot on September 4th. I hope that the building and its beautiful murals, icons and iconostasis will be preserved and that somebody will take the initiative to save it!

IMG_2341The church building has 3 floors, here a photo of the balcony

IMG_2338Blurry picture -sorry-, shot from the balcony

IMG_2342The triangle with an eye, symbol of God, on the ceiling

IMG_2343Leaving the church: the hallway on the first floor lies behind the doors

IMG_2337The hallway on the first floor, with an (empty) old wooden trunk

IMG_2334The rooms were deserted, but some furniture, beds and carpets were still there


IMG_2348I left the main building through the courtyard door

IMG_2360And I had a closer look at the kitchen/storage building

IMG_2362The kitchen

IMG_2365This part of the building is a deplorable state: floors were rotten and ceiling came falling down

IMG_2364An old basket and its contents

This ends the posts about one of last large uninhabited buildings of Athos. Lets hope that it stays intact. Maybe that publishing these pictures will contribute.

Wim, 28/9

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