1624 – summer of 2014: three Athos inhabitants/monks deceased

The first is Father Ilarion form Simonospetras, who died on 19th of August aged 68. He was missing after a boat capsized: two other monks could save themselve, the body of Father Illarion was foun three days later by divers. He was well known to pilgrims because he was the driver who brought pilgrims from Dafni to Simonospetras vv.

monk Ilarion

source: weblog Vasilis 

The second monk died just last week, Thursday September 4th, when I was on Athos. The young Serbian monk Athanásios from Chiliandariou a hundred meters into a ravine, when his car slipped and fell off a crumbly road. He was on his way to provide help two firemen, who also fell 70 meters deep in the rugged canyon. The firemen survived the accident and were brought by helicopter to a hospital in Saloniki. Athanásios was the driver of the fire truck of Chilandariou.

monk Athanasios Chiliandarinos

The third person died about two/three months ago, the excact date is unknown, probably somewhere in May. It was Jacobos from the Agiou Nicolaos or Monoxylitis mexochi/winery. Jacobos was originally Roman Catholic, who came from aristocrat Venetian family, went to Athos in 1997 and who made fine wines, which he promoted on this professional website. He embraced the Athonian way of live and became Orthodox. According to the sales woman in the Ouranopoli store it was not known if somebody would replace Jacobos and continue the winery….. (thanks to Vasilis’comment).



monoxylitis after the fire

Photo of Monoxylitis after the fire of 2012

Wim, 10/9 and 11/9

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4 Responses to 1624 – summer of 2014: three Athos inhabitants/monks deceased

  1. Vasílis says:

    Iakovos from Agiou Nikolaou died already in the beginning of May, I think. He was an Italian and roman-katholic. He never became a monk, although he admired the spirituality and the life of the monks. And although he lived like a monk.
    See (in Greek) also: http://bit.ly/1g4UpE5 (Pemptousía.gr)

  2. Catalin Ioan says:

    Jakobos was Orthodox not only by name but by the way he lived! Totally apart from the others inhabitants of Ouranoupolis by his culture, personality and experience, he was a very good and special person, with an open heart to all people, that devoted all the last years of his life and all his efforts for sustaining Monoxilitis Skiti that belong to Monastery Agiou Pavlou.
    All that we did met him will not forget our brother in Christ the Lord!

  3. ILIJA Agiorit says:

    2.July 2014 in skiti Koutloumousiou Gerontas Moses died.Here is link from part of his funeral.

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