1490 – Karyes mainstreet

karyes vegerMainstreet Karyes in september 2013. Photo by hvkaryes 1989 wimAlmost the same location in 1989. No cars, no electricity for the lamp. Photo by Wim.karyes byronAgain the same spot (?) with a policeman and two monks. Photo by R. Byron in 1928. Byron wrote: ” In case of need, the Epistasia (4 representatives of the monasteries) acts through the Synod Guard, employing in the last resort, the state police, of whom there is a small force commanded by one bored officer. These latter possess an tiny prison in Caryes, tenanted from time to time by holy smugglers”.

Mainstreet in 1916 by Harry Griswold Dwight

karyes 1942

This is another street in Karyes. Photo taken in 1942.


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    Thanks for Posting. Very Nice Photo Essay.

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