1491 – Kiosks

kiosk kiosk  anna kiosk kutlu kiosk mylo kiosk mylopo kiosk panto kiosk pavillon de l'Aga kiosk view dafni kiosk xeraopotanou

A kiosk on Mt Athos is  a small building outside the monasteries walls. A place for conversation, rest and to have a drink or smoke.

Starting with Karyes 2013, Sk. Anna 2011, Kutlumusiou 2013, Mylopotamos 2009, Mylopotamos 2013, Pantocratoros 2009 photo by Wim, Kiosk of the Aga in Karyes by Papety 1847, view on Dafni from Xirapotamou and  the last one: Xirapotamou in 2013


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