1466 – Esfigmenou monastery

On our way from Ierissos to Vatopediou we passed Esfigmenou:

DSCN2029 (Large)

Esfigmenou and BasiliouDetail of the Zwerger map: the NE-coast of Athos with Agiou Vasiliou and Esfigmenou

DSCN2032 a (Large)

DSCN2035aArsanas Esfigmenou and the Antonios Petserski chapel

DSCN2034 (Large)A bit futher on we passed the Agiou Theodoros chapel on a cape

DSCN2033 (Large)The Agiou Theodoros chapel

The next day we visited this monastery, here a picture of the famous “Othodoxy or death Orthodoxia i thanatos” banner, hanging just under the windows of our sleeping room in the guesthouse:DSCN2323 (Large)Here a detail of the banner, seen from the window of the guesthouse:

DSCN2396 (Large)Wim, 27/10

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  1. Hans Overduin says:

    Well, they have replaced the old banner with a new one. Indeed, it’s a lot clearer to read. Also, they emphasised their point again.

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