1229 – again: National Geographic 1916 – 3

In numbers 661 and 664 of our blog we already showed some pictures of the September 1916 magazine of National Geographic. With the help of our fellow blogger Vasilis I found some more pictures on the internet, with many unpublished photo’s from National Geographic. Some of the pictures are presented for a second time, but they have a better quality then previously shown, and a couple photo’s are totally new and never seen before. The photo’s are by Harry Griswold Dwight.

NG Iviron Monastery is sheltered between mountains and the AegeanIviron

NG - Karyes main street 1916

NG - fresco in a church in Kafsokalivia 1916
Kavsokalivia wall paintings in St. Anthony’s churh

NG Lavra arsanas

Lavra arsanas (port)

NG Lavra The 11th-century dome and fountain

Lavra phiale

NG - monks and layman Athos 1916Monks and laymen

NG Pantokratoros Monastery
Pantocratoros and the Holy Mountain

NG Simonopetra monastery's tower is perched on a cliff above the Aegean
Simonospetras arsanas

NG The church's inner narthex walls, covered with 11th-century frescosVatopedi – narthex of a church

NG Vatopdi Monks celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation
Vatopedi – Feast of the Annuciation

NG Vatopedi  stone plaza and clock towerVatopedi – stone plaza and clock tower

NG Vatopedi A communion cup of red translucent stone supported by gold dragonsVatopedi – communion cup

NG Vatopedi A gilded screen divides the alter and the chancel
Vatopedi – iconostasis

NG Vatopedi Clergy and a mule train on the plaza before VatopediVatopedi – a mule train in front of the monastery

NG Vatopedi guesthouse kitchenVatopedi – guesthouse kitchen

NG Vatopedi One of the arched columned cloistersVatopedi – hallway with arched columns

NG Vatopedi monastery and its stone buildings envelope the bay
Vatopedi – the bay with buildings

NG Vatopedi Monastery buildings and orchardsVatopedi – orchard

NG Vatopedi Monks walk on the stone streets of VatopediVatopedi – courtyard

NG Vatopedi trapezaVatopedi – trapeza

NG Xenofontos Gnarled trees frame a view of Xenofontos MonasteryXenofontos – gnarled trees

NG Xiropotamou A bible embellished with beaten gold and a jade communion cup
Xiropotamou – gold bible and jade communion cup

All the National Geographic pictures are beautifully published in this wonderfull Greek book, that Vasilis gave to me:

Nat Geographic Greek

National Geographic Greek front

ISBN 978-960-6883-89-7

Wim, 19/6

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