1217 – 60 minutes: a recent documentary by CBS


 Click here for the full documentary . A CBS crew visited the mountain and made footage of Simonos Petras and Vatopedi. They talked with many fathers some of American origin. There are some shots from the Vatopedi vault which can be opened with 3 keys and where they store a large collection of icons. A father who once was professor in Harvard talkes about the protection the Holy mountain got from Hitler during WW2. An interesting documentary.

Vatopediou locks 
Also watch "the making of" part here.

Vatopediou kitchen 
Producer Michael Karzis in the kitchen of Vatopediou

The "60 Minutes" team was also stranded on Mt. Athos when heavy seas hit after the two-week shoot ended. Now back in New York, Karzis and Radliffe still seem moved by their time on the stunning mountain. If you're interested in visiting Mt. Athos as a pilgrim, these "60 Minutes" videos are arguably the best visual record ever created and the best place to start your research. If you're a woman, these videos may be the only way you'll ever see Mt. Athos. No women allowed.


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