1216 – Athos and Greek army

I removed the picture of F-16's flying over Stavronikita, because I agree with Fremaki that this picture was fake and there was no point in showing it. So this historical postcard of an historical event from November 2, 1912 remains. I added another two pictures of Greek army of Athos from 1912:

Xenofontos Greek fleet 
November 2, 1912: the Greek fleet arrives at Athos (in front of Xenofontos)

Athos 25 november 1912 greek army 
Greek army on Athos: 25th november 1912

Athos 25 november 1912 greek army 2 
Wim, 20-4

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2 Responses to 1216 – Athos and Greek army

  1. herman says:

    leuk verhaal, intrigerende foto van mevr. Norwich met tattoo op been. De adelijke tattoo!

  2. Fremaki says:

    The first picture is an obvious fake…

    BTW, what’s the point of this post, anyway ????

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