1187 – Simonospetras (day 3 – 24)

IMG_3599 Simonospetra with flowers
Flowers and Simonospetras

Simonos Petras plattegrond 
Plan of the monastery. We arrived from Grigoriou. The first we wil see today, on the South side of the monastery, are not on this plan (aswell as the new guesthouse outside the monastery on the North side).

IMG_3603 Simonospetras entrance to the South

Simonospetras – entrance from the South

 IMG_3604 Simonospetras buildings near aquaduct

Simonospetras – the last meters before the aquaduct, with a few buildings on the right (not shown on the plan).

IMG_3605 Simonospetras- looking down on gardens 
Looking down at the steep cliffs and gardens.

 IMG_3606 Simonospetras- aquaduct from the South

The aquaduct, seen from the South

IMG_3607 Simonospetras- the main entrance doors 
The main entrance doors – 2009

056 Athos - gang naar S. Petras 056 
The same spot 20 years ago in 1989. It looked much darker then …. 

IMG_3608 Simonospetras - fresco above entrance

A badly damaged wall painting above the entrance to the monastery, with a Christmas scene and fine blue colors. 

IMG_3613 Simonospetras- north side aquaduct 
The aquaduct seen from the North

IMG_3612 Simonospetras - guesthouse 
The new guesthouse outside the monastery walls, along the road to Dafni.

Wim Voogd, 13/2

(next time more about the interiour of Simonospetras).

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  1. herman voogd (hv) says:

    Bas, van die laatste foto wordt gezegd dat de schedels en botten in het kistje erin gefotoshopt zijn omdat het deksel niet dicht kan

  2. herman says:

    Bas, de links naar de diashow en zijn eigen website werken niet

  3. Rainer Ludwig says:


    der Link darf nicht http://http//www.travisdove.com/ so aussehen, sondern muss: http://www.travisdove.com heissen.

    Danke fxfcr diesen tollen Blog!

  4. Bas says:

    Thanks for the remarks. I repared the links to the slideshow and to Travisxb4webside. We use a new weblog-system, in which the links work differently.

    Reiner. Vielen Dank fxfcr Ihren Kommentar. Gut, dass Sie den Blog geniexdfen. Ich habe jetzt der Linksetzung verxe4ndert.


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