1186 – The bell tower of Panteleimonos

On the first day of our trip to Athos we started from the harbour of Panteleimonos. We visited the bell tower. From there is a splendid view of the monastery. But the interior of the bell tower is interesting as well.DSC_0222

The entrance to the bell tower. Pantleimonos was build in the years 1812 – 1821. It started as a Greek monastery but was turned into a Russian monastery in 1857 due to a desicion by the patriach in Constantinople. I could not find any information about the bell tower it self, but I assume that it was build in the same period. The tower fits the surrounding buildings.

Pilgrims Jaap and Peter were quite impressed by the biggest bell and its clapper.


An overview of the interior of the bell tower. They come in different sizes. De bells are attached with an ingenious system of ropes to play the carillon.

Some of the bells can be played by food pedals. Counter weighs of different forms and shapes are used to balance the food panels.

Does anybody have a recording of the bells of Panteleimonos?

Bas Kamps

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  1. aleksandros says:

    Hi Bas,
    I have a CD of Service of Saint Silouan the Athonite that contains a track of bell sounds recorded at Russian monastery (duration is only 51 seconds ). If you want I can send it by email.

  2. Bertinos says:

    Hi Alexandros, is that the recording by the monks of I.M. Simonopetras, “ordered” by the Monastery in Essex (@Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon)?

  3. aleksandros says:


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